Even if you only go vegetarian or vegan  for 1 or 2 days a week- by doing so you will BE MAKING A CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS HELPING TO REDUCE ANIMAL SUFFERING.

** Watch the FREE film about how animals are treated EVERYDAY in factory farms & SLAUGHTERHOUSES: DOMINIONMOVEMENT.COM COWS:
  • Gentle & placid.
  • Have individual personality.
  • Some are bossy & others timid.
  • Are a herd animal.
  • Have social hierarchy.
  • Form bonds with each other.
  • They groom each other to strengthen these bonds.
  • Have problem solving skills.
  • Like humans they are pregnant for 9 months.
  • Have individual personalities.
  • Playful.
  • Wag tail when happy.
  • Social animals with a complex social structure.
  • Clean animals who only sit in mud sometimes to cool down.
  • In nature build nest for offspring.
  • Smarter than dogs.
  • Their snout has as many tactile receptors as a  human hand.

Pigs are raised indoors- with no access to sunlight,  grass or soil to stand on.  Instead they stand & lie down on concrete floor with no bedding or room to move freely about. IT'S ALL ABOUT RAISING THE ANIMALS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO SEND TO SLAUGHTER. IT'S AN INDUSTRY THAT IS DRIVEN BY MONEY- WITH NO CONCERN THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH LIVING BEINGS WHO FEEL FEAR & PHYSICAL PAIN & WHO WANT TO LIVE.  

"I am not a drumstick" "

" I am not a nuggett"

"like you I am a living  being who feels fear,  pain & distress."

  • Social animals.
  • Individual personalities.
  • Have a pecking order.
  • Very inquisitive.
  • Can see full color.
  • Use 30 vocialisations to communicate.
  • Love dust baths to clean feathers.
  • Female sits on eggs and clucks to chicks who cluck back.
  • NUMBER OF CHICKENS KILLED PER DAY IN AUSTRALIA: 1 million (as they produce the least amount of meat).
Chickens crammed together in crates on their way to be killed.   Chickens at slaughter are hung upside down by their feet, then stunned before their throat is slit. Some chickens are STILL CONSCIOUS when throat slit.


  • Killing.
  • Violence.
  • Abuse.
  • Fear.
  • Suffering.
  • Animals want to live.
  • They can smell/sense the fear, blood & death of the animals before them.
Pigs being gassed- this causes confusion, fear & panic- they squeal trying desperately to escape Final journey to slaughterhouse. Cow with head in "kill box"- a bolt will be put into the cow's brain. You can see the fear on the cow's face- it doesn't want to die.  The white of cow's eyes are only visible when they are stressed or scared.   Animals are treated as objects or commodities. Terms such as livestock, beef, poultry,  pork & cattle reflect this & to desensitize us to what we are eating was once a LIVING & FEELING ANIMAL.   WHAT IS SPECIESISM?

Is the human-held belief that all other non-human animals are inferior. We've all heard the saying "dumb/stupid animal." It is similar to SEXISM OR RACISM.

For example most people wouldn't treat their cat or dog the way cow's or chickens are treated.

Currently under the LAW (which refelects society's morals) animals are PROPERTY so can be bought, sold & killed.

Cows & pigs are MAMMALS JUST LIKE US- they have a NERVOUS SYSTEM so they feel physical PAIN & they have EMOTIONS they get sad, happy/excited- if you doubt this look at a dog or cat who are also mammals.