(1) Don’t add meat to dishes that you normally would such as stews, soups or stir fry.

(2) When following a recipe simply do not add the meat.

(3) Try the many different mock or meat replacement.

(4) For e.g. instead of getting a ham, cheese & tomato sandwich or roll ask to have one made without the ham.

(5) Go to your local library or bookstore & get a vegetarian cookbook.

(6) Do an internet search for  “vegetarian recipes.”

(7) Explore the rich diversity of the plant kingdom  & eat what is in season.

(8) When eating out most places have vegetarian options or a dish with meat ASK THEM TO MAKE IT FOR YOU & TAKE THE MEAT OUT. They are cooking the dish fresh & from start- so there should be no problem.

(9) Maybe start by eliminating 1 animal at a time from your diet for e.g. start with cows.

(10) Maybe try eating 1 meal a day with meat or only eat meat every second day. Not everyone can stop eating meat completely straight away so go at your own pace.

(11) Be sure to watch your NUTRITION. For NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION the “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine” has loads of resources. To go to the site click here.

(12) Keep in mind WHY you chose to go vegetarian to keep you motivated & on track.

(13) If possible go vegetarian with a vegetarian buddy to support each other.

(14) Don’t expect all your family and friends to accept your new way of eating. Ask them to respect your choice to not eat meat & that you’ll respect their choice to eat meat.

(15) Maybe bring along a plate or 2 of tasty vegetarian dishes to parties, dinners & barbecue. Show vegetarian food is not bland & tasteless.

(16) If you decide not to go vegetarian then maybe CONSIDER CUTTING YOUR MEAT COSUMPTION IN HALF. By doing this you will benefit your health, help the planet & save hundreds of animals you would otherwise eat. So do you really have anything to lose by cutting down your meat intake?


(17) If you find that you are craving meat then look at your NUTRITION as you maybe lacking key nutrients.  REMEMBER: eating meat has been a lifetime activity that you may initially miss.

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